The Cloggers Summit Award

August 30, 2007

This year we are giving out awards to Cambodian bloggers to make the Cambodian blogging community better. The awards are:

2 video cameras kits

1 audio recorder

8 digital cameras

To apply for an award, please leave a comment in this blog post saying in 2-3 sentences what prize and how you​​ use it. We will pick winners at the end of the day on Friday. You must be present.

If you need help making a comment, please ask any of the cloggers or their friends.



១.​ ម៉ាស៊ីនថតវីដេអូ


Cambodian Blogger Summit

July 25, 2007

The Cambodia Blog, aka Cloggers Team, is a group of young Cambodian bloggers who inspired by technologies in their everyday life. They have been working together on voluntary basis to conduct 14 workshops call “Personal Information Technology Workshop” at 14 different universities in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap with total amount of participant more than 1700 students. Each workshop has been conducted voluntary by the Cambodia Blogger Team incorporation with CityLink- an Internet Service Provider in Cambodia, and the university aimed to share experiences between bloggers and participants (students), and make use of the technologies available over the Internet for their study, work and even their every life. Especially, the workshop have also included an introduction to the new personal publishing platform – Blog or Web log, which has become a very popular and important tool on the Internet for individual sharing information.

Build upon the success of the 14 Workshops, the Cambodian Blogger Summit (aka Cloggers Summit) is another step of the program that would bring together students that has been well adopting lessons from the workshop, professional Bloggers, writers, NGO workers, media, and tech gurus from within and outside Cambodia to be together to share and learn more from each others on various topics regarding to the new technologies that is changing their life including the useful Open Source Softwares and Web2.0.

Lasting for two days, Cambodian Blogger Summit is the collection of learning, practicing and interacting opportunity for participants.

There will also be Keynote Speeches given by well-known and inspiring speakers from local and international. Speeches will provide motivation experience and inspiring successful stories, as well as case study, regarding young people and information technology.

Several useful and practical presentations will be made by professionals from within and outside the country. Presentations include new media technologies, free and open source softwares, and many useful Web 2.0 tools.

Group discussion by the 100 participants will allow them to interact and produce some finding from given topics.
Seminars will be part of breakout session. Four small seminars will conducted simultaneously with different topics. Participants are free to join their favorite topics.

Panel Discussion will be hosted by experts and professionals to give their opinion and answer participants’ question regarding young people and the development of modern technology.

Role play will be organized as wrapping up activity of the summit as participants will split into groups and act based on given topics and to show what they learn from the two-day program.

Computers and internet connection are provided for participants to do their live blogging and wiki, information sharing.

In Summary the Cambodian Blogger Summit is organized to:

  • Provide Cambodian Bloggers and opportunity to learn from each other and expend knowledge on the use of new technologies.
  • Be a forum for Cambodian Internet surfers, and other stake holders the opportunity to interact and build their network
  • Generate more participation in the Cambodian cyberspace by the inspired new Free softwares and Web2.0
  • Engage attention from traditional media, civil society, development agencies and private entities to new technologies(Open Source and Web2.0) and Cambodian Blogsphere.

Who will participate?

  • 100 bloggers from within and outside Cambodia
  • 15 local and international media (newspaper, TV and radio to cover the event)
  • 30 local and international organizations
  • IT personnel from 15 universities in Phnom Penh

Who should participate?

All bloggers are mostly invited to this program. If you think you have something to share us or would like to join us please kindly list yourself at our participants page. We will check and let you know how could you participate with us.

What will we do at the event?

Please check our Agenda